I am a painter and a professor of art, among many other things. I am both compelled by my busy life and repulsed by it. I am empowered by elements of feminism, history, and the suburban landscape. I resist conforming and respond mostly to honesty. I respect formalist conventions and technical integrity. I find freedom in travel, space and multifaceted worlds of beauty, romance, structure, congestion and complexity. I like lines, because they are honest, shapes because they are organic, space for its emptiness, and color for its vitality. I seek perspective from history and deny certain superiority in art making. I acknowledge the alienation my work creates in being autobiographical. I am not an intellectual and will not overwhelm my viewers with knowledge of art theory or concept. I am for art that is real, one that represents loss and presence. I am for art that is persistent, moving, timeless, and thought provoking.